Social Media Kits

Designed to enhance your social media presence.

Are you keen on boosting your online presence, but simply can’t find the time? We know developing and monitoring social media takes time and effort, both of which can be difficult to muster up as a small business owner. That’s why we have created Social Media Kits to automate, simplify, and save time all while creating an engaging and well-developed online presence for your business. With three kits to meet your needs and budget, you too can get socializing!

Get the right plan for you

Our social media kits and packages will take your social media marketing above and beyond! With NS Virtual Services, you can create an effective and engaging social presence online that will bring value to your customers.

Choose one of our monthly customizable social media kits that allow you to plug and play, then walk away!

Looking for something more?  Try our consultation services packages for a customized social media plan for your growing business.

Want even more? We also have monthly maintenance packages to keep your online presence growing and engaged!

All pricing is in US Dollars.

Starter Kit

Do you feel overwhelmed with what to post on social media? Need a quick boost of new content? Why not try our “Social Media Starter Kit”? It comes with generic content geared towards business, to fill your platforms.

5 day/4 week plan (20 days, 1 item per day) contains:

  • 6 inspirational images
  • 6 business/success images
  • 4 blogs
  • 4 curated videos
  • BONUS planning suggestion calendar


Medium Kit

Do you want to upgrade from our Starter Kit and make them more personalized to your brand? We can do that with our “Social Media Medium Kit”!  

7 day/4 week plan (28 days, 1 item per day) contains:

  • 8 inspirational images + branded with logo
  • 8 business images + branded with logo
  • 4 blogs
  • 8 curated videos
  • BONUS planning suggestion calendar


Large Kit

This is just more of a good thing.  Set up your social media plan for 4 weeks, getting in front of people two times per day!

This 7 day/4 week plan (28 days, 2 items per day) contains:

  • 18 inspirational images + branded with logo
  • 18 business images + branded with logo
  • 4 blogs
  • 4 x 50-sec (approx) videos based on above blogs + branded with logo
  • 12 curated videos  
  • BONUS planning suggestion calendar

Social Media Holiday Images Kit

This kit contains 6 generic holiday images for you to use in your December content strategy.  Includes Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Season’s Greetings, Christmas & New Year’s!  And for the month of December 2019 only, we will include your logo (just email us your logo after purchase, to:

Social Media


Is this you?

  • You’ve purchased one of our social media kits; or
  • You feel that you have social media content under control


Download our FREE “Social Media Analytics Template” – our gift to you.

Consulting Package

Are you on social media, but don’t know what to post?  Do you feel you’re not reaching your audience?  Our Social Media Consulting Package will guide you to a clear plan.  You receive:

  • Up to 1 hour consulting call
  • Social Media assessment
  • Done-for-you social media plan

Setup Package

Have you been leery about joining this Social Media “Craze”?  Are you ready to get on board and get your business recognized and in front of your audience?  Our Social Media Setup Package will set you up for success.  You receive:

  • Up to 1 hour consulting call / assessment
  • Social Media analysis
  • Done-for-you marketing plan
  • Brand board
  • Setup pages / backgrounds (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter…)
  • Research best groups
  • Setup Hootsuite (or similar) account

Analysis Package

Consultation call, social media assessment and plan, setup Social Report account, monthly reports based on pre-set goals for 1 year.

Gift Certificate

Do you want to gift someone (or yourself) to future business virtual services?  Buy a gift certificate for your colleagues!

Need something more?

If you don’t need Consulting, Setup, nor Analysis, but are ready to get started, then our monthly support packages are for you:


What Our Clients Are Saying

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NS Virtual Services has been a professional treat for me! My VA was so patient with the process of getting my original work uploaded and organized. Now I have more confidence that my business is in good hands with her skills and support. I highly recommend Natalie and her team and hope to work with them again very soon!

Myrna Hill

Royal Quest Counseling

The quality of the professional, the simplicity of the transactions and communication with the owner is very rapid. I appreciate the flexibility of the whole thing.

Sylvie Thiffault

Possible/Impossible Etc! Ltée.

What I loved most about working with NSVS is the constant support.

Tanya Amaya

Analytic Design